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About Us

Based in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, we are a small local business that prides itself in professional customer service with high end equipment and products. We use the larger Open Air® Photo Booth to ensure a durable and finer quality photographic experience in a field that is saturated with poor quality photo booths charging an arm and a leg. We won't do that. 


Our team of diverse personalities formed to bring you the unique, personal, and very upbeat and personable experience you need for your event. We refuse to offer drab or lackluster attendants, equipment, layouts or props.  


We take pride in the fact that many of our layouts have been designed by local artists. Some are simple and some are spunky. Of course, we also have those layouts designed by robots (those safe templates every photo booth has) but work very well for all events. It all depends on your theme and mood! 


We strive to provide our services at competitive prices to ensure that you can have instant, high quality keepsakes of those moments that fly by so quickly.


And if it is your first time hiring a photographer, even though this is a photo booth - First and Most Major Rule of Thumb - Hire a Professional. We've heard horror stories about no-shows and messy set-ups. Your event is important and there are too many people and moments to capture. Our attendants are trained to set up quickly and in an organized fashion. Props and equipment are neatly organized. Attendants are trained to fix glitches and to also manually take the photos, if necessary. 

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